To bring you from point A to point B, GroupeHMS is there for you.

Dedicated to your service!

For another consecutive season, Groupe HMS targets excellence with its customers, partners and suppliers in the sectors of commercial distribution, storage and specialized transport. Your satisfaction is our priority!

Groupe HMS | 10655 Henri Bourassa Est, H1C 1G7 Montréal, Québéc



At your disposal, we have several heated, illuminated and secure units for your storage needs

Security and reliable solution

With several years of experience, our team will meet your needs. We will ensure that your property and goods go from point A to point B in safety and in time.

Commercial transport

Our fleet of hydraulic platform trucks is ready to support your business delivery operations.

Specialized transport

For your moves or any other need in transport, the HMS group is your safe and reliable solution. Customer satisfaction is our priority.

Are you moving?

We have arms to assist you!

With a moving service in Montreal, Laval and everywhere in Quebec, Groupe HMS is there for you!

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